JesusLoves16 was amazing, and you can still watch the whole thing on Facebook Live. I love being part of the conference every year. This year was no exception. The demands of the conference always push what is possible in the time and budget. This year, a week before the event started I was called to say that they needed to live stream the event due to being sold out. I said yes, jumping to put it all together and make it happen. Although I must say now, I couldn’t have done it without the great team we had helping during the week.

Live streaming

There were so many complex parts to this project, but that’s what make me work best. We already had a good number of people on the production/media team for the week so we were sorted there. But we needed to get hold of the right equipment. I went with the Blackmagic ATEM Production Studio 4K as I am familiar with how it works. The price to hire also helped. Along with the switcher and cables, I used a couple of HDMI to SDI convertors to get round the 20m limit on HDMI cables.

Camera wise, we used three cameras, two Lumix G7s, and one BMPCC. The pictures looked a bit out, with the BMPCC being noticeably flatter than the G7 image, but it held up with the G7s in cine d. Doing it again I would look to have all the cameras matched better, but also have a couple more angles. With the changing stage lights etc, you can get away with cameras that are not perfectly matched.

On the computer side of things, we ran the program output of the switcher into an Intensity shuttle, on a MBP Retina 13″. On there we ran OBS, streaming straight to Facebook Live. It worked a dream once we figured out how to get the audio working, along with delaying the audio get the audio in sync.

I have embedded the stream from the last night for you to see. You can find the other sessions on the JesusLoves Facebook Page.

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Other Media + Photos

We didn’t just provide the live stream but also daily round up/highlight videos and Quote images. I didn’t do any photography during the week, we had a number of photographers during the week including Andy Yates.

To sum up, it all went well. There are many things we all learnt, and in so many ways we will improve for next time. If you have an event, or are thinking of using Facebook Live or any other live streaming platform I would love to chat to you, and see if I can help you.