The Brief

Where do I start with this, Awakening Europe was incredible and a real privilege to be part of it. The event saw thousands of Christians gather from all over Scandinavia and Europe. Ben Fitzgerald and GODFest Ministries hosted the event. The event had the heart to disturb the normal and see Stockholm and Europe saved. It also equipping people to share the gospel. God TV streamed the event live and the event will soon be on their website to rewatch.

The brief was to capture the testimonies from the event, along with creating Roundup videos of each day.We played videos on the main event screens to open each of the conference sessions. The roundup videos were also put up onto the event’s facebook page, gathering collectively over 180,ooo views over the weekend. I needed to create the videos in very short time frames. They played the first video at 2pm on Saturday, with only footage from the previous evening’s session.


Testimony Videos

Testimony videos are incredibly important for many events, especially for ones where capturing what God is doing at the conference. We captured lots of salvation stories, along with healings. There aren’t any of these videos online yet, but keep an eye on the Awakening Europe’s Facebook page for some to be released in the coming weeks.

The testimony videos were, as a majority, and filmed in a studio we set up for the weekend. It consisted of three Arri Event Lights and my BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera. We recorded the sound with my Rode VideoMicro, on a mic stand just out of shot and the mic was plugged straight into the Tascam DR-05. Matt Higham filmed these interview/testimony videos, see the team section of this post to find more about what he does.

Awakening Europe Studio

A frame grab from the studio recordings. Graded in Premiere CC

Roundup Videos

These were the bulk of the workload on the project. I was the editor for these videos. The heart behind these is to help engage people at the start of the meeting and build faith for the upcoming session. Building social buzz is a huge reason behind these videos – putting them online and helping people, not at the event see what is happening.

The editing process on these videos was a similar process to the way I edited at the JesusLoves conference, except on a larger scale. I picked up footage from God TV after each session, and along with this, I had the footage the media team filmed. Then, I combined all this footage to create the roundup videos throughout the videos and watching the footage was the most time-consuming part of the job.

I edited the footage in Premiere Pro CC, which is new for me on this kind of project. The closing graphic was made in After Effects and I am really enjoying premiere’s track based editing (vs FCX), and the Lumetri Colour panel. The colour correction on the videos was all the same, and the majority of the styling was done with curves.

TImeline for Awakening

Timeline from the Final Roundup video in Premiere CC

Watch the Roundup Videos.

You can see the final three roundup videos from Awakening Europe below.

The Team + Gear

Date: 28th – 31st of October 2016.
Gear: Canon 5DIII, 70D, 60D, BMPCC, Lumix G7. Rode Video Mirco. Adobe Creative Cloud. Tripod. Glidecam 2000. Macbook Pro 13″.
Team: Thanks to the amazing team, couldn’t have done this without you. Matt Higham – Video | Noah Benjamin – Video | Peter Murden – Producer
Music: All licences from
All produced with thanks to God.TV, Awakening Europe, and Godfest Ministries.
Cover Photo – Frame from Matt Highham.
Map Photo – Alex Mihis.