This was a film created to promote the 2017 Young adults and student’s weekend away. It was not something I produced on my own, but with help from Mike and Tony for the actual poem. I was predominantly the editor, although lines do blur on a small team. Editing, Sound and Colour all done in Premiere Pro CC 2015.3. I am enjoying Premiere more and more at the moment.

The film is all about going deeper and immersing ourselves in God. Alongside this, the event is promoted, by using the poem that points continually to the theme and idea behind the weekend away. Promotional videos like this tend to work very well.

The film

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The whole project couldn’t have taken place without, or freesound for the sound effects, and soundstripe for the music as usual. It took a day or so to edit, plus all the time mike spent on finding stock footage and planning.

Immerse Timeline

The Premiere CC timeline

Date: October 2016
Gear: Lumix G7, Tamron 17-50mm f2.8, Tascam DR-05, Premier Pro CC on iMac 21″
Thanks to, Mike Burke + King’s Church Media team.