Yes, I do lots of Promo videos, I thought I would push these three into one post. I have been really busy recently, and I wanted to share these on here. They are all different styles, but all worth a watch, and as usual I loved producing all of these!


So the first is one I did for the JesusLoves Conference, which is a yearly conference in Liverpool that I lead the media coverage for. I was asked to produce a short promo film for them and after lots of options and concepts we came up with what you see below. It works with and without sound which suits the use of Facebook adverts and promotion on there.

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North Manchester Church Launch

This is one I did for the Church I’m part of, who are starting to meet in a new location in North Manchester. I had borrowed the DJI osmo, and it turned out really great in helping show excitement! The rest of the promo was filmed on my G7. I really enjoyed putting the video together, and works really well as a promo video.

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His Presence 2017

This is another promo video like the JesusLoves one but again is very different since it doesn’t have any footage from the event. This is because the event it totally new. It is going to be a great one, and I’m looking forward to being there to film it in March. The brief was fairly straight forward although being a new client it took a few rounds of edits to find exactly what they were looking for.

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Thanks for reading, and do send me an email if you are looking for a video like any of the above, or perhaps something else, I am always looking to try new things!

——- update 1/2/17 ——-

I have just noticed each one of these videos is hosted with a different provider. I am finding myself recommending facebook as the main location to host videos more and more to clients. This is because it allows brands to have the maximum reach on their facebook page. Perhaps I will do a post about what works best…