This was another great project I have been fortunate enough to work on recently. A Ministry Training school in Manchester wanted a film to help promote it’s course. On asking me, this is what I came up with…

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The process

The idea came from conversations with the principle of the school and after the interviews, I filmed with a number of past and present students. Filming the interviews was great fun and totally worth it. I filmed with I think 9 or 10 people each for around 5/6 minutes with a number of questions. Although I only used tiny segments of what they said, having longer filming with them is crucial. It’s important so that people felt comfortable, to be honest, and genuine in front of the camera.

The film was edited as usual in FCPX, the titles were mainly done in Motion 5. The shots at the beginning are filmed by me on the Zhiyun Crane M with the G7.